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CarPlay Android Auto Box For Land Rover Range Rover Sport /Vogue /Evoque 2013-17

CarPlay Android Auto Box For Land Rover Range Rover Sport /Vogue /Evoque 2013-17

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Introducing the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto module car interface designed for Land Rover Range Rover Sport , Vogue , Evoque, Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-Pace, and F-Type equipped with the Bosch & Meridian system. Upgrade your driving experience with seamless connectivity and advanced features.

Product Features:
1. Wireless and wired CarPlay function support for convenient connectivity.
2. Wired Baidu Carlife function support for enhanced compatibility.
3. Wireless Airplay function support for effortless media streaming.
4. Wireless and wired Android Auto function support for a wide range of applications.
5. Wired Autolink function support for additional connectivity options.
6. USB playback capability for enjoying videos on the go.
7. HDMI video input display support for versatile multimedia integration.
8. Lossless sound quality with EQ adjustment for an immersive audio experience.
9. Reversing radar and track display support for enhanced safety and convenience.
10. Foresight input with automatic switch from reverse, customizable lead time.
11. Microphone sound quality adjustment for optimal voice clarity.
12. User firmware upgrade support for future enhancements.
13. Boot logo and icon logo modification support for personalization.

Important Notice:
Before purchasing, kindly provide the following information: original car screen, screen size, and manufacturing year. Thank you for your cooperation.

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