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MG Hector Chrome Garnish Accessories Full Combo Pack 18 Pieces

MG Hector Chrome Garnish Accessories Full Combo Pack 18 Pieces

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Upgrade your MG Hector's exterior appearance with these complete chrome garnishes. Designed to enhance the look of your car, the triple-layered chrome finish adds a metallic touch that elevates its overall aesthetics. These garnishes are made with high-quality ABS plastic material, which is then chrome plated to ensure durability and a sleek look.

This complete combo pack includes various exterior accessories specifically tailored for the MG Hector. The best part is that no drilling or screwing is required for installation. Each garnish is designed to fit perfectly and comes with 3M adhesive tape already attached for easy and hassle-free installation.

The garnishes feature a superior triple-layer chrome finish that gives your car a premium appearance. Crafted with ABS plastic, these garnishes are built to withstand the test of time while maintaining their shine.

To install, ensure that the applied area is thoroughly cleaned and completely dry. Applying some heat with a hairdryer can help achieve the best results. It is advisable not to wash your car for 3-4 days after installation to allow the adhesive to set properly.

The package includes 2 tail light chrome garnishes, 2 headlight chrome garnishes, 6 pieces of window lower garnish, 1 bonnet chrome garnish, 1 upper trunk garnish, 1 lower trunk garnish, 3 front grille garnishes, and 2 side mirror garnishes designed specifically for the MG Hector. Enhance the exterior of your MG Hector with this comprehensive set of chrome garnishes.

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