Composite Autoclave Production

Leading innovation in carbon fibre applications for modern automobile construction.

Autoclave Capacities

Own Silent utilizes three state-of-the-art autoclaves with significant dimensions to cater to diverse manufacturing needs:

  • 1.50 m x 5.50 m
  • 2.00 m x 3.35 m
  • 1.20 m x 2.40 m

Prepreg Carbon Fibre Process

Utilizing multiple layers of carbon fibre material, these are baked under high pressure and temperature in the prepreg process, producing materials that offer extreme rigidity and lightness for motorsports and production models.

Full Service Manufacturing

As a full service provider, Own Silent designs, develops, and manufactures using both in-house specifications and externally supplied CAD files, ensuring utmost quality and confidentiality.

Modeling and Prototyping

With extensive experience, Own Silent executes precise modeling and prototyping, ranging from minor adjustments to complete functional prototypes using advanced CNC technology.

Polyurethane Production – PU-RIM

Providing comprehensive solutions for automotive PU-applications, Own Silent produces high-quality parts for various automobile enhancements, following stringent economic and ecological standards.

Steering Wheel Design and Manufacturing

The signature Own Silent steering wheel technology involves sophisticated design and production processes, including special surface finishes in leather, wood, and carbon fibre.

Interior Design and Fittings

Specializing in car interior refinement, Own Silent processes fine wood and carbon materials to create luxurious, high-quality vehicle interiors.

Leather Crafting and Upholstery

Our specialized leather crafting and upholstery services are optimized for both individual custom projects and large-scale production, ensuring cost-effective, high-end results.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Own Silent leverages advanced manufacturing equipment including CNC pattern cutters, leather cutters, and multi-surface cutters to ensure precision and quality in every product.

Logistics Center

Our logistics center spans over 7,650 m², providing ample space for effective inventory management and expedited shipping processes, ensuring timely delivery of projects.