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Revolutionize Your C-Class with the 6-in-One Ambient Light Package

Revolutionize Your C-Class with the 6-in-One Ambient Light Package for W206 Models

Transform the interior of your Mercedes C-Class (W206) 2022-2023 with the latest innovation in car interior enhancement - the 6-in-One Ambient Light Package. This bespoke package is designed to offer both a luxurious and personalized driving experience, elevating the aesthetic and ambiance of the vehicle to new heights.

Package Highlights: A Symphony of Light and Sound

  • Original 64 Colors Ambient Light: An extensive palette of 64 colors to set the perfect mood for every journey.
  • 4D Tweeter: Experience unparalleled sound quality, adding an auditory luxury to your vehicle.
  • Door Speaker Cover: Elegantly designed covers that integrate seamlessly with the ambient lighting, enhancing protection.
  • Seatback Light: Beautifully illuminated seatbacks to enhance comfort and style.
  • Front and Rear Airvents: Customizable lighting to add a sophisticated touch throughout the vehicle.

Upgraded Ambient Light Package: Beyond the Basics

  • Door Armrest Light: Soft illumination for enhanced visibility and comfort.
  • Central Console Light: Stylish and practical lighting for the central console area.
  • Dashboard Light: Subtle and elegant lighting that complements the vehicle's aesthetics.

Compatibility and Ease of Installation

Specifically tailored for the C-Class W206 models (2022 and 2023), this package is engineered for seamless integration and easy installation, ensuring a perfect fit with the vehicle's existing systems.


The 6-in-One Ambient Light Package is more than just an upgrade; it's a transformation of your C-Class into an oasis of color and light. Each journey becomes an extraordinary experience, blending sophistication, style, and cutting-edge technology to redefine automotive luxury.

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