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Land Rover Elevates Driving Experience with Retrofit Package Amid Semiconductor Shortage

In response to the global semiconductor shortage, Land Rover has announced an innovative retrofit package that aims to enhance customer satisfaction. This development comes as a relief to numerous customers who have faced downgrades in their vehicle orders. Typically, affected vehicles were shipped with a 10” PIVI Pro display. However, with the new retrofit package, these vehicles will be upgraded to a more visually appealing and functional 11.4” display.

The semiconductor shortage has been a thorn in the automotive industry’s side, disrupting production and affecting the availability of high-tech components. Land Rover’s proactive approach not only addresses the aesthetic aspect of its interiors but also expands user interaction and functionality.

As reported on Instagram, the upgrade is part of Land Rover’s commitment to customer satisfaction and technological excellence. In addition to the retrofit package, Land Rover continues to impress with its range of high-tech features and controls, enhancing comfort, safety, and off-road capabilities.

Some of the notable features in most Land Rover models include Terrain Response, which allows drivers to adapt the vehicle’s performance to various driving conditions, and the All-Terrain Progress Control for a consistent off-road driving experience. The more advanced Terrain Response 2 automatically senses and adjusts to the terrain.

Land Rover’s InControl Touch Pro infotainment system offers an intuitive user interface with navigation, video playback, smartphone integration, and various connectivity options. The brand also emphasizes safety and driver comfort through advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

Off-road enthusiasts can continue to enjoy Land Rover’s renowned capabilities, including features like low-range gearing, adjustable suspension height, differential lock, and advanced traction control systems.

The latest move by Land Rover to retrofit the larger displays demonstrates the brand’s dedication to quality and customer service, ensuring that even amidst global challenges, the luxury and functionality of its vehicles remain uncompromised.
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