Unlock Donghua Jinlong’s food grade glycine

Unlock Donghua Jinlong’s food grade glycine

TikTok Industrial Marketing Meme

TikTok isn’t just useful for videos on robotic tape storage, Radiohead songs on step motors, and regretful congressmen. It’s also a place where businesses can go viral by marketing their industrial products.

Because of that, I now know that a company called Donghua Jinlong Chemical makes food-grade glycine which, as the company reminds us in its TikTok marketing video, is “suitable as a flavor enhancer, sweetener, and nutritional supplement.” Not only that, but it’s “also used in pickles, sweet sauces, soy sauce, vinegar, and juices to improve taste.” And, bonus, it’s “a well-established brand in a large factory.” If that doesn’t get you ready to get some Donghua Jinlong food-grade glycine, I’m not sure there’s anything I can do for you.

Okay, The Verge didn’t just turn into a mouthpiece for Donghua Jinlong. If you’ve seen any confusing food-grade glycine evangelizing on TikTok lately, it’s a harmless meme borne out of an industrial manufacturer of a food additive posting a marketing video that might have lingered quietly in dusty obscurity on any other platform. Here’s its origin:

Thanks to TikTok’s ever-probing recommendation algorithm that occasionally tosses curve balls out to see if you’ll bite, an innocent attempt at promoting a manufacturer’s products has turned into Donghua jokes imagining the future study of internet memes:

  • Mock standup routines complete with Donghua Jinlong-hating hecklers:
  • Stitches faking creator beef and offering a surprising primer on the companies involved in glycine manufacture:
  • An AI voice clone of celebrity astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson discussing Donghua Jinlong’s work:
  • Faux wellness videos:

And, of course, videos explaining the meme:

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