UL students explain feelings around campus following death of student

Lafayette, LA News

Lafayette, La. News

Counselors on the campus of the University of Louisiana Lafayette have been put on notice after a student was found dead on campus.

The school confirms that on Sunday, a student was found unresponsive near a campus parking garage. The school’s report does not acknowledge whether the incident was a suicide.

UL Lafayette Dean of Students, Margarita Perez issued a statement to students. Perez’s statement read:

“As you work through your grief and other emotions, and should you feel the need for assistance, the university offers counseling services and support,” said Perez. “My thoughts, and those of President Savoie and the entire university administration are with everyone who is mourning today. Please know that in difficult times such as these, your university family is here for you.”

UL student Cole Theriot said he hopes the University reaching out will help students seek help if needed.

The university spoke of the incident as an “unspeakable loss.” Students are being encouraged to not lose sight of an obligation to support one another, show empathy and understanding. Student Joseph Lormand explains the feelings on campus.

“It feels a little quiet and awkward at the moment. Yeah, in a respectful way,” Lormand explained.

UL Student Raeanne Zitl said its been difficult to process the loss.

“It’s pretty rough. It’s like somebody our age or like somebody we could have walked passed like everyday. You just never know what somebody is going through,” Zitl said

The university explains campus counselors have met with students and will continue to do so in the days ahead.

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