R nineT Scrambler

The R nineT Scrambler

The R nineT Scrambler knows no conventions: rough, unadapted, individual. Its handling is balanced and unique. With the boxer, you can ride around with your head held high, it is available for every spontaneity. And the typical Scrambler look together with the relaxed seating position makes a lot of difference – and above all is a lot of fun. Design your R nineT Scrambler so that it fits perfectly into your life. No matter what the others say. Just typical #Soulfuel. Let yourself be swept away.

Each of the four paint variants emphasizes the character of the R nineT Scrambler in its own unique way.

Do what you want

What the others do has never been your thing. So probably you want to do your own thing? The R nineT Scrambler is ideal for individualization. The Option 719 Shadow II billet pack is manufactured to our highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. The short rear end integrates rear light, brake light and indicator. It may be the end of your bike ... but it is only the beginning of your possibilities.

Turn on the power

With the air/oil-cooled boxer of the Scrambler, you can do this in a playful way. We have optimized its power and torque curve and noticeably increased it in the 4,000 to 6,000 rpm range. This way, you have the power exactly where you need it and can remain powerful out on the road. The peak torque remains at 85 lbs-ft. at 6,000 rpm.

Relaxed control doesn’t need to be a contradiction

In the Dirt Mode of the available Ride Mode Pro, you can take it easy: On loose ground, the ASC and DTC control systems take effect much later – for dynamic maneuvers providing even more fun on the bike. At the same time, the available adaptive headlight improves illumination within the bend between a lean angle of 7° and 25°: Wherever you head, your light is already there.

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