Staff remembers Hart High School principal

Staff remembers Hart High School principal

Hart High School Mourns Loss of Principal

Hart High School Mourns Loss of Principal

It’s been a tough week for students and staff at Hart High School in Oceana County. Their principal, 46-year-old Troy Moran had a heart attack over the weekend and died.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget his laugh,” said Mark Platt, superintendent at Hart Public Schools.

That laugh and spirit filled Hart High School for nearly three years.

“He just shined a light into how he led and how he lived and how he loved. He led with a tremendous amount of passion,” Platt said. He is grateful he had the opportunity to work with Moran and call him his friend.

“While he is gone, I can’t help but smile, because it was a blessing to know him,” Platt said.

He said the 46-year-old was out for a run over the weekend when he had a heart attack and died.

“Nothing could’ve been a bigger shock to get that news,” said Platt.

Especially for Andrea Degen, who works at the high school. She had just seen him at a soccer game hours before he died.

“So just replaying that conversation it’s been really hard. But I know he was doing something he loved to do, he loved to work out, love to run,” Degen said.

She said the dad of two girls loved what he was doing.

“He recently shared with me he was the happiest he’s ever been in his professional career, He just felt like he was in the happiest state,” Degen said.

On Thursday, students will be let out of school early so they can attend their principal’s funeral. Platt knows Moran’s family will not be alone.

“I think they are going to be pleasantly surprised by the love they are going to see come back to them because of him. Tomorrow will be incredible,” Platt said.

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