Overnight Severe Threat - Tornadoes, Hail, and Damaging Winds

Overnight Severe Threat - Tornadoes, Hail, and Damaging Winds

Severe Weather Alerts in Texas

Severe Weather Alert: Texas

Strong storms in Texas have produced hail up to tennis ball in size and additional storm development is expected overnight. Please ensure you have multiple ways to receive alerts due to the hail and wind threat, along with the possibility of an isolated tornado.

Updates from Louisiana and Mississippi

Storms in Louisiana and Mississippi Tuesday night prompted a tornado warning for Jackson, MS around 9 PM local time. We will keep you updated on any damage that occurred.

Enhanced Risk of Severe Thunderstorms

The Storm Prediction Center has maintained an ENHANCED RISK (level 3 out of 5) for severe thunderstorms across much of Texas and Louisiana continuing overnight. The primary severe weather threats are large hail and tornadoes, some of which could be EF-2 or stronger (110+ mph winds) including Houston and much of East Texas. Large hail is also a big threat overnight, so try to park under cover!

Widespread Severe Weather Expected Overnight

Storms will continue to develop into the evening and overnight hours, leading to widespread severe weather in central and east Texas overnight. Overnight storms can be extremely dangerous because you are likely asleep, and less likely to wake up to alerts. Additionally, tornadoes can be very difficult to spot. With this being said, please have multiple ways to receive alerts.

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