Marine Corps’ camouflage uniform shortage has eased up

Marine Corps’ camouflage uniform shortage has eased up

Marine Corps Uniform Shortage Update

The Marine Corps’ yearslong camouflage uniform shortage is coming to an end.

The Corps first observed a shortage of the woodland-pattern combat utility uniforms, the everyday outfits often known as cammies, in summer 2022. The shortage prompted some rare flexibility from the service that otherwise expects rigid adherence to uniform standards. Meanwhile, Marines who were looking to replace uniforms that had gotten worn out, lost or tactically acquired had to get creative with tailoring or purchase secondhand items, often at a premium, Marine Corps Times previously reported.

But the worst of the shortage is over, according to the Marine Corps.

The shortage had forced the Corps to issue only two sets of woodland cammies and one set of desert cammies to recruits, instead of the usual three woodland sets and two desert sets, Marine spokesman Maj. John Parry told Marine Corps Times in August 2023. That meant recruits sometimes had to train in flame-resistant organizational gear, or FROGs, a uniform typically reserved for deployments. These days, however, recruits are once more receiving the full issue of uniforms, Parry told Marine Corps Times via email on Tuesday. And the Marine Corps’ on-base exchanges have “adequate stocks” of cammies on their shelves, Parry said.

The Corps expects the shortage fully will be resolved by the end of June, according to Parry.

Some signs of the shortage linger. The Navy Exchange website still lists combat utility items as out of stock, as of Thursday. In an email to Marine Corps Times, Kristine Sturkie, a spokeswoman for the Navy Exchange, attributed the lack of Marine utility uniforms in its stores or online to “the current USMC course of action and [the Defense Logistics Agency’s] supply chain availability.”

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