Major update at Walmart storeMajor update at Walmart stores: goodbye to self-checkouts: goodbye to self-checkout

Major update at Walmart storeMajor update at Walmart stores: goodbye to self-checkouts: goodbye to self-checkout

Walmart Reverts to Cashier System - News

Walmart Reverts to Cashier System in Select Stores

One of the locations going back to the old cashier system is the Walmart store at 6134 White Horse Road in Greensville, South Carolina. Its self-checkout kiosks will be removed overnight on Sunday and the cashiers will return to their posts.

A representative of the retail giant stated that the feedback from customers was so negative that they had to reverse the change in order to keep them happy. Further analysis on shopping trends sealed the fate of the kiosks. “We believe this change helps our associates deliver more personalized and efficient service and will improve customer satisfaction and the overall experience at our store,”

The process will take a minute to be completed, with the new store layout being completed in about a fortnight.

Despite the strong feedback from clients, there are no other stores announcing similar measures in the area, so the rest of the South Carolina Walmarts will have to wait a bit longer if they would like to get their cashiers back.

Walmart’s decision on the kiosks

Having said that, after the implementation of the self-checkout kiosks was touted as a step in the right direction for shopping chains (all of them and not just Walmart), a tidal wave of complaints happened, and it is forcing them to reevaluate the decision to eliminate cashiers.

The unhappiness of shoppers and the increase in shoplifting despite associates being posted near the kiosks and the new and improved security systems have heavily influenced the decision to revert back to the old system.

The South Carolina store is not the only one getting the makeover undone. A Walmart in St. Louis, Missouri will also be getting rid of the self-checkout kiosks beginning on Sunday.

Brian Little, the Global Communications Director for Walmart Corporate Affairs, commented on the situation and on the reasons corporate took into account to make the change “The decision was based on several factors, including feedback from associates and customers, shopping patterns, and business needs in this area. We believe the change will improve the in-store shopping experience and give our associates the chance to provide more personalized and efficient service.”

But the first one to make the change was the Walmart in Colorado Springs, they closed all the self-checkout kiosks in January. Users did not waste any time commenting on the change and the remarks were largely in favour of the cashier lanes. Some of the comments made on X (formerly Twitter) by Jim Rutberg sum up the situation nicely “Local Walmart closed all self-checkout lanes. I joked to the person ringing up my groceries that it was ironic; They’d just trained us to do the job. She said they decided to only open them when lines at full-service checkouts get long. Too much theft.”

It is not the first time the theft issue comes up in relation to checkout issues, according to a recent study by Grabango, theft at self-checkout kiosks is around 16 times higher than at cashier registers, and considering that “shrinkage” has been declared one of the major issues retailers are facing, it is no wonder that chains are changing their model back.

Walmart is not the only one doing so, Target is also rolling back the update and changing their self-checkout policy in every store across the country. “We’re opening more traditional lanes staffed by our team members across all our stores for guests who have more in their Target carts, need a helping hand, or just enjoy connecting with our team to help them get on their way sooner. We’re also continuing to invest in additional training to ensure that our teams can continue to provide great guest service during the checkout.” was the statement released by a corporate representative.

An additional step they will implement for now will be to allow customers with 10 items or less use the self-checkout kiosks to facilitate the process.

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