Lauren Handy

Lauren Handy

Lauren Handy: American Anti-Abortion Activist

Lauren Handy: American Anti-Abortion Activist

Early Life

Lauren Handy, born on November 16, 1993, is an American anti-abortion activist. She grew up in a Southern Baptist family. Her father works as a painter. Handy experienced molestation as a child by a non-family member.

She initially attended Central Virginia Community College with the aim of pursuing a career in museum work as an art historian. While at college, she identified as both pro-life and agnostic. However, after being introduced to sidewalk counseling by a fellow student from Liberty University, she became deeply involved in anti-abortion activism.

Handy dropped out of college, sold her belongings, and moved to California to join Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust as a full-time activist. She has also lived with the Missionaries of Charity, including a stint in Haiti, where she worked in a hospice.

Political Views

Handy identifies as an anarcho-mutualist.


In 2017, Handy founded Mercy Missions, a mutual aid organization that assists families and mothers facing crisis pregnancies and provides aid to the homeless.

Currently, Handy serves as the Director of Activism for the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising.


Handy has been involved in various activist organizations and is a prominent figure in the Red Rose Rescue movement. She employs non-violent tactics in her activism, including sidewalk counseling and entering abortion facilities to distribute literature about alternatives to abortion.

Handy has been arrested multiple times during her activism, often facing charges related to trespassing and obstructing access to abortion facilities.

Notable Incidents

  • 2019 Pink Rose Rescue: Convicted of trespassing and resisting arrest during a protest in Flint, Michigan.
  • 2020 Abortion Facility Blockade: Convicted of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act for blocking access to a Washington D.C. abortion facility.
  • 2021 Pink Rose Rescue: Arrested for trespassing during a protest at an abortion facility in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • 2022 Fetal Remains Incident: Discovered aborted fetuses outside a Washington D.C. clinic, leading to a Catholic funeral for the remains.

Personal Life

Handy is a queer convert to Catholicism and remains celibate in accordance with Catholic teachings on sexual morality.

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