Is ET: Return to Earth Sequel Releasing In 2025? New Movie Speculation Explained

Is ET: Return to Earth Sequel Releasing In 2025? New Movie Speculation Explained

ET Sequel Speculation

Is the 2025 ET Sequel Real?

A viral poster of an E.T. sequel is being shared on Facebook.

Titled E.T. The Return to Earth, the image is nothing more than a fan-made concept poster as no sequel to the iconic '80s film is in the works. It's not laughable to be duped by the poster, however, the unofficial image shows a detailed, wide-eyed E.T. with the release tag of "Summer 2025." Those not caught up on the latest news in Hollywood could easily be fooled as the reflections, lighting, and colors all appear professionally done.

Will an ET Sequel Ever Happen?

Despite the recent trends on social media, the possibility of an E.T. 2 remains uncertain.

Director Steven Spielberg has expressed reluctance towards the idea, fearing that a sequel could diminish the original's impact. His sentiment was reinforced by a proposed sequel, E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears, which featured a darker and more violent storyline, that was ultimately abandoned. Actor Henry Thomas, who portrayed Elliott in the original film, has also voiced skepticism about the prospect of a sequel. He noted the absence of key creative personnel, such as screenwriter Melissa Mathison, as a significant obstacle to capturing the original's magic. Thomas's concerns represent the challenges of revisiting any beloved property while risking its legacy to be "tarnish[ed]." Instead of a full-fledged sequel, smaller projects like short films and commercials have revisited the E.T. universe, such as A Holiday Reunion in 2019. This offers fans a nostalgic connection without the risks associated with a sequel. Ultimately, while the possibility of an E.T. sequel may continue to spark speculation, the future of the beloved extraterrestrial remains unlikely.

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