Ghazipur landfill fire: MCD douses 90% of fire, operation still on, FIR registered | Top 10 updates

Ghazipur landfill fire: MCD douses 90% of fire, operation still on, FIR registered | Top 10 updates

Updates on Ghazipur Landfill Fire

Thick plumes of smoke continued to rise at the Ghazipur landfill site on Tuesday morning after a fire break out that caused breathing problems for local people. The Ghazipur landfill fire also triggered a political debate between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the AAP-led MCD with the BJP accusing Kejriwal-led MCD of “criminal negligence".

The fire started at the east Delhi landfill on Sunday evening. Authorities stated that the fire was most likely triggered by hot, and dry weather conditions. Here are top 10 updates on Ghazipur landfill fire:

  1. The Delhi government on Monday instructed its environment department to present a thorough report outlining the fire's causes along with a plan of action to avoid reoccurring events at these locations.
  2. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi, in a late night statement, said 90% of the fire has been doused and around 40-50 small isolated flames remain in the 3,000 sqm area which saw the fire, PTI reported.
  3. The city body has chosen a two-pronged strategy to douse the fire: employing fire tenders to extinguish the flames and deploying inert materials and construction and demolition trash to smother the fire.
  4. "Around 600 MT of inert and C&D waste was used to extinguish the fire. Sixteen excavators, two bulldozers and six fire tenders were pressed into service to stamp out the fire. Sprinklers are continually working to ensure that no dust or ash is spread in the neighbourhood," the statement read.
  5. A case has been registered against unidentified persons under Indian Penal Code sections 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others) and 278 (making atmosphere noxious to health) at Ghazipur police station.
  6. In addition, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi said the MCD will launch an inquiry into the incident. Delhi BJP chief Virendra Sachdeva said that the fire was caused by the AAP-led MCD's “criminal negligence".
  7. Delhi Congress head Arvinder Singh Lovely emphasized the need of putting aside small-time politics and urged all parties involved to work together to put out the landfill fire, which is seriously affecting people's health and air quality.
  8. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai issued an order directed the principal secretary, environment and forests, to submit a report on the cause of the fire within 48 hours, as per PTI reports.
  9. Rai also instructed the principal secretary to ensure that every detail regarding the origin of the fire and the quick actions made by several organizations to put it out was covered in the report.
  10. It also sought information about the department's summertime action plan to stop these kinds of accidents at all Delhi garbage sites.
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