Front of Boeing 767 scrapes along Istanbul runway after front landing gear failure

Front of Boeing 767 scrapes along Istanbul runway after front landing gear failure

Emergency Landing at Istanbul Airport

A plane has made a dramatic emergency landing at Istanbul Airport after its front landing gear failed.

A video on social media showed the Boeing 767 belonging to FedEx Express using the back landing gear and then dipping its nose with the front portion of the fuselage.

The front landing gear did not deploy, but the pilot managed to stay on the runway, Turkey’s transport ministry said, adding that there were no casualties. Video footage showed sparks flying and smoke billowing as the front end of the plane scraped along the runway before being doused with firefighting foam.

The Boeing 767 aircraft, flying from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, informed the traffic control tower at Istanbul Airport that its landing gear failed to open Airport rescue and firefighter teams made necessary preparations on the runway before landing, and no one was injured, the ministry also said, without giving a reason for the failure.

The runway where the cargo plane landed has been temporarily closed to air traffic, but traffic on the other runways at the airport is continuing without any FedEx said in a statement it was coordinating with investigation authorities and would “provide additional information as it is available”.

interruption, the airport operator IGA said.and it landed with guidance from the tower, the ministry said in its statement. The news comes a week after an emergency slide that fell off a Delta Air Lines flight shortly after takeoff from JFK International Airport in New York was reportedly washed up outside the beach house of a lawyer whose firm is suing Boeing over safety issues.

Jake Bissell-Linsk, a New York attorney whose firm is taking legal action against Boeing after an Alaska Airlines plane lost a door plug midair in January, said he was surprised when he saw the slide outside his oceanfront home in Belle Harbor, Queens on Sunday.

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