FBI serves subpoenas at Chicago suburb of scandal-ridden 'supermayor' Tiffany Henyard

FBI serves subpoenas at Chicago suburb of scandal-ridden 'supermayor' Tiffany Henyard

FBI Serves Subpoenas in Dolton, Mayor Henyard Under Scrutiny

FBI Serves Subpoenas in Dolton, Mayor Henyard Under Scrutiny

The FBI on Friday served subpoenas in the Chicago suburb where controversial Mayor Tiffany Henyard has faced accusations of corruption, Fox 32 Chicago reports.

Henyard, the self-described "supermayor" of Dolton, and Thornton Township Supervisor, has recently been dubbed the "worst mayor in America" by critics after being accused of misdeeds ranging from weaponizing police raids to spending taxpayer money on luxuries in Las Vegas. Most recently, the scandal-ridden mayor has also come under fire for an alleged sexual assault by one of her allies during the Vegas trip, where the alleged victim claims to have been fired after speaking out.

On Friday, four agents from the FBI paid a visit to Dolton Village Hall at around 2:30 p.m. where they served two federal subpoenas, according to Fox 32. The first one was for employment records, personnel files, and disciplinary reports for 25 Dolton employees, including three police officers and Keith Freeman, who is the village administrator and Henyard's top aide. Freeman was charged with bankruptcy fraud on Monday.

The second subpoena was served specifically for Freeman, asking for records of all companies associated with him and possible ties to the village.

"The House of Cards are collapsing," Burt Odelson, who serves as the Legislative Counsel for the Village of Dolton Board of Trustees., tells Fox 32. "I think the government is taking action."

The FBI did not provide any more information pertaining to the subpoenas and Henyard herself was not served.

In February, it was reported that the FBI was investigating the mayor, as six individuals had reportedly spoken to the agency about her alleged misconduct, including "business owners, a former village employee and one or more public officials." Dolton trustee Tammie Brown said she was ecstatic to hear the feds are looking around.

"Months and months and months, we have been begging for someone to come out here and actually investigate as to what's actually going on out here," Brown said.

The Village of Dolton last week voted to hire former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a "Special Investigator" to look into Henyard's conduct.

It came after Henyard had vetoed the board's request to launch a federal investigation into her alleged misuse of funds.

Lightfoot is being paid $400 an hour to gather information on Henyard’s alleged spending and finance mismanagement as well as "any state and federal violations."

Earlier in April, Henyard made headlines for being condemned by local Dolton residents, but this Tuesday, she was similarly skewered by residents of the Thornton township in a town hall meeting. "Everybody wanted to continue to be a s---show and not really show facts as it relates to what's really going on in our township," she responded. Henyard has appealed to racial politics amid her scandals before, proclaiming during a previous meeting, "Y’all got false narratives out there, and y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all Black. Y’all are Black! And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a Black woman that’s in power. Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves."

Fox News Digital previously reported that Henyard has been living like a royal with a combined salary of nearly $300,000 — more than the state's governor — and frequent use of beauty vendors, despite the 23,000 residents of the Illinois town having a median income of $24,000.

The mayor who insists "God chose me" and met with President Biden in January, has been said to engage in such wild antics it is like a "real life Parks and Rec situation." But her multitudes of alleged misdeeds could finally be catching up to her.

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