Fans go wild for ‘perfect’ M Night Shyamalan trailer

Fans go wild for ‘perfect’ M Night Shyamalan trailer

New Trailer for M Night Shyamalan's Film "Trap"

Film Fans Excited for New Trailer of M Night Shyamalan's "Trap"

Film fans are going wild for the new trailer for M Night Shyamalan’s latest film Trap.

The new trailer reveals that the film centers around a father and his teenage daughter’s night out at a concert, where the dad, portrayed by Josh Hartnett, learns that the entire event has been set up in a bid to catch a known serial killer.

The serial killer in question is him, which is unbeknownst to his teenage daughter, portrayed by Ariel Donoghue.

Considering Shyamalan’s films are famous for their twists and turns, it’s almost inevitable there will be a lot more to the plot than meets the eye – and the trailer is being praised for perfectly summarizing the plot without giving away any of these surprises.

One excited fan described it as “a perfect trailer” on X/Twitter, with a second agreeing: “This is a perfect trailer. Intriguing but never shows too much, and the premise itself is awesome. I can’t wait for this!! Could be one of M Night’s best movies.”

“If they’ve already revealed that he’s the butcher, then I cannot WAIT for the other twist,” added another.

“That ‘twist”’in the middle of the trailer for Trap is amazing! Josh Hartnett is gonna kill in this role!” remarked a third.

A fourth wrote: “There has to be more twists in this than revealing [to] us from the get-go that he’s the bad guy. But it looks promising.”

While some viewers have claimed that the trailer gives too much away, fans of the director have said they will almost certainly be proven wrong, arguing they are just not familiar enough with Shyamalan’s previous films.

One complained: “Wow I really regret watching the Trap trailer. I was looking forward to that movie.” [sic]

“I recommend not watching the Trap trailer as a twist happens early and I’d rather not have known and would have loved to find out myself,” another stated.

But if the revelation that Hartnett’s character is the killer is revealed in the trailer, it certainly seems that the twists the film has in store will be truly surprising.

Trap is scheduled to be released by Warner Brothers this summer on 9 August.

Shyamalan’s other notable film credits include The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000) and, most recently Knock at the Cabin (2023).

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