Drunk Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert did this at the GOP gala

Drunk Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert did this at the GOP gala

At the Republican gala, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert reportedly became offensively drunk and was then denied service by the bartenders. While witnesses have sided that servers did not deny Boebert alcohol.

During the New York Young Republicans annual event in December, the Congresswoman allegedly sought numerous selfies with former President Donald Trump, prompting his security team to intervene.

According to CNN, Cipriani Ballroom's (the venue for the night) servers, told Boebert that she was no longer allowed to be served another alcohol. However, the witnesses disagreed with this argument, saying that while Boebert did not face any hurdle while grabbing a glass, she did manage to irk Trump during the proceedings.

Witnesses recounted an incident where Boebert attempted to take selfies with Trump and Gavin Wax, the club's president, at the gala's main table.

“She came over between Gavin Wax and President Trump and tried to take a selfies with the two of them. After taking a few and being unhappy with how they looked she tried to take more selfies but she was pushed away by President Trump who said, ‘That’s enough’,” the eye witness spills.

While addressing Boebert's embarrassing moment, New York Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax commented, “Everyone knows the New York Young Republican Club throws the best galas. If you're asking if Congresswoman Boebert had a good time at one of our galas, the answer is ‘I hope so.’”

Following the booz night at Cipriani, Boebert continued her night out in New York City, joining House colleague Representative Byron Donalds and former GOP Representative George Santos at the Upper East Side's Beach Cafe, where they partied till late hours.

Boebert's purported antics at the gala add to a series of controversies she has been involved in. In September, she made headlines when she and her then-partner, Quinn Gallagher, were asked to leave a performance of 'Beetlejuice' at Denver's Buell Theatre due to their excessive public displays of affection.

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