Delta Air Frequent Flyer Provokes Furious Response From Flight Attendants After She Reported Crew Members to Get Free Points Off Airline

Delta Air Frequent Flyer Provokes Furious Response From Flight Attendants After She Reported Crew Members to Get Free Points Off Airline

Delta Air Lines Incident

Delta Air Lines Incident

A Delta Air Lines frequent flyer who has Diamond Medallion top-tier status with the Atlanta-based airline has provoked a furious backlash from flight attendants after she boasted about reporting several Delta crew members for using their personal mobile phones onboard.

Dr Angela Peery has shot to worldwide notoriety after she published a post on a Facebook group dedicated to Delta’s most frequent flyers. The educational consultant boasted about ‘winning’ frequent flyer miles from the airline after she reported a Delta flight attendant for using a mobile phone.

“Wrote my complaint about Joshua, the FA who hid in the galley and was overall s***** SDF-ATL [Louisville-Atlanta] Wed. Got a personal call from a Delta customer service agent and 8,500 Skypesos! Winning!” Dr Peery wrote in the now infamous post.

This wasn’t, however, the only post Dr. Peery has shared about Delta’s flight attendants, and it turns out she has been known to frequently write to Delta with various complaints.

In a second post, Dr Peery wrote: “This will be the third photo I’ve sent Delta in two weeks. Three out of four flights, FAs [flight attendants] on their devices. This one is clever – hiding it behind the Delta device while headed toward take-off.”

Dr Peery’s eagerness to report flight attendants, however, eventually caught the attention of crew members from various airlines, who started to post about her on their own Facebook groups. Her complaints quickly went viral, and flight attendants started to take it upon themselves to retaliate. Dr Peery, an author, suddenly found that her various books were being inundated with one-star reviews. She threatened legal action against a high-profile Facebook page dedicated to flight attendants called A Flys Guys Cabin Crew Lounge.

Despite the ferocious backlash, Dr Peery has shown no sign of backing down and posted an update on the same Facebook group that landed her in this mess in the first place.

“It is against Delta policy for any employee to have their personal phone in view while working… So, for those who said I should mind my own business or stop being a Karen, be aware – this is a safety violation and a fireable offence. Kind of a big deal.”

“You should not see an FA using a personal device ever unless on crew rest,” Dr Perry continued.

While it is true that Delta crew members aren’t permitted to use their personal mobile phones onboard, many commentators have pointed out that there may be many reasons why a flight attendant might be on their phone, including for family emergencies.

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