Chicago Bears’ Source Reveals Damning Details About Justin Fields

Chicago Bears’ Source Reveals Damning Details About Justin Fields

Justin Fields' Tenure with the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields' Tenure with the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields’ tenure with the Chicago Bears is over, as the Bears traded the young quarterback to the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this offseason.

The general assumption has always been that Fields was loved within Chicago’s locker room and that he had a great relationship with teammates, coaches and front office members.

But a Bears source tells Tyler Dunne of Go Long a starkly different story.

The source specifically spoke about Fields’ relationship with veteran quarterbacks Andy Dalton and Nick Foles during his rookie campaign in 2021.“They never were together. It was always Andy and Nick walking side by side and Justin always 15 yards behind them,” the source told Dunne.

Apparently, it wasn’t the fault of Dalton or Foles, either. It was because Fields evidently expressed no desire to be mentored.

“There were several arguments amongst the QBs,” Dunne wrote. “Once, per one source, Foles was trying to teach something to Fields in the QB room and — upon turning toward the rookie — Foles realized Fields wasn’t even paying attention. His head was down. At that point, Foles was done trying to play mentor. The two could not stand each other.”

And you know all of those stories about how great of a leader Fields was? Well, that may have been a bit embellished, as well.

A source told Dunne that Fields is a “surface level dude” and that he wasn’t much of a leader at all. The source added that Fields was unable to develop authentic relationships among his teammates and that his teammates really didn’t like him much at all.

But it gets worse.

The source continued to say that teammates didn’t appreciate Fields’ smugness, which the source said was undeserved. The same source also stated that Fields lacked emotional intelligence.

Based on how highly Bears general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus spoke of Fields, this report is certainly surprising.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what happened inside Chicago’s locker room, but it seems hard to imagine that the source is just making all of this up.

Maybe Fields really wasn’t as well-liked as the media has portrayed.

Hopefully for the Bears, Caleb Williams is able to forge greater relationships with his teammates and excel where Justin Fields seemingly failed.

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